Serverless Job Scheduling

Integrate job scheduling into your serverless application without any complicated setup. Job Queue as a Service.

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Delayed Jobs

Schedule a job to run after a given time.

Cron Jobs

Schedule a job with the cron schedule expression.

Recurring Jobs

Schedule a job that needs to be executed multiple times.


Every job is traced, including all headers, body in order to enable debugging.

No Special Knowledge Needed

You don't need to study any job scheduler in order to use Bissonte.

No Cloud Account Needed

You don't need any cloud account in order to use Bissonte



Best option for personal use & for your next project.

  • Number of queues: unlimited
  • 1000 requests
  • Team size: 1 developer
  • 30 days log retention
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Best option for startup and small size companies.

$20 /month
  • Number of queues: unlimited
  • 1 milion requests
  • Team size: up to 10 developers
  • 30 days log retention


Best for large scale uses with high demands.

$500 /month
  • Number of queues: unlimited
  • 10 milion requests
  • Team size: up to 100 developers
  • 90 days log retention

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